About Us


About Us


HFS Financial Partners is a professional bookkeeping company that provides a strong partnership to help you manage the key non-core functions of your business so that you can focus your efforts and maximize your core business, for future growth and success.

We provide a personalized and professional bookkeeping service which can be Custom Tailored to your needs and Budget.  As strategic partners of your business, we will be your offsite finance department who not only tracks revenues and expenses, but will provide you with a comprehensive platform of services that will allow you to dedicate your time and efforts on what is most important, which is operating and growing your investment.

Not only do we partner with new companies just starting out, but we offer a smooth transition to HFS Financial Partners from your current Bookeeping systems(s).  We can also help you with creating new processes and procedures in a way that maximize the efficiency and allows your business to grow.

With our cloud support and technology, we are able to work with businesses around the US using our secured portal to include personalized credentials for each or our users.  This secure path allows you to send all documents securely to HFS and view reports online 24/7.

HFS Financial Partners will support and work closely with your current CPA by providing them with high level reporting for tax purposes as well as handling all audit requests as needed.  In addition, we will be the point of contact for any and all other business related requests throughout our partnership.


Jeremy Hamon, President of HFS Financial Partners brings 23 plus years of extensive accounting experience to this growing company.  After attending the University of Arizona where he majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, Jeremy grew to realize early in his career that he had developed a genuine passion for finance as it relates to all aspects of business.  This coupled with his astute level of professionalism has allowed him to build a company based on integrity, honesty, reliability and dedication.

With a strong work ethic and a great understanding of corporate accounting and finance, Jeremy has been most successful in his financial leadership roles ranging from monthly financial statement preparation; all banking and treasury-related functions; budget preparation and financial monitoring across all departments as well as building and maintaining external professional advisory relationships in the areas of banking; auditors; 401k administration and legal services.

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