Bookkeeping Partnership with Your Business

HFS Financial Partners specializes in the handling of all the Bookkeeping functions so that you can focus on growing your business. We can help you with a wide range of administrative tasks, from basic Bookkeeping and Payroll to a detailed Financial Analysis as well as working directly with your CPA and/or Auditors. We believe that our expertise in supporting small to medium sized businesses allows us to become an important asset for our clients where we work with one another in a partnership to help build the most successful and profitable business possible.


Bookkeeping for Start-Ups and Established Companies

If you are just starting out or need a new partner to handle your books, we can help you set up your accounting processes and procedures or make a smooth transition to our services to allow maximum efficiencies and support...


How HFS Financial Partners is different

What makes HFS Financial Partners different from other Firms is our dedicated partnership with your company as well as the quality of service that you will receive.  


24/7 secure direct access to all financial documents and support

As a client with HFS Financial Partners, all documents will be posted to our secure portal for your review 24/7 using your personal login credentials from any PC, Phone or iPAD.  If you have specific questions, we are always available...

About Us

HFS Financial Partners is a professional outsourcing company that provides a strong partnership to help you manage the key Bookkeeping and Administrative functions of your business so that you can focus your efforts and maximize your core business for future growth and success. We provide a personalized and professional bookkeeping service which can be custom tailored to your needs and budget. As strategic partners of your business, we will be your offsite Finance department who not only tracks revenues and expenses, but will provide you with a comprehensive platform of services that will allow you to dedicate your time and efforts on what is most important, which is operating and growing your investment.

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  • Jeremy offered my business help in setting up our Quickbooks Software that hadn’t been up to date in almost two years and was very flexible in his availability to meet over the phone whenever necessary.  Jeremy is also a very knowledgeable accountant who has great organizational skills and attention to detail.  He is very responsive when I have questions and always gets back to me very quickly with solutions.  He is a pleasure to work with.

    Betty Riddle Owner

    Catalina Quilting
  • Jeremy is a very knowledgeable accountant who lead our Club into making sound financial decisions time after time.  His guidance helped us turn a significant profit on multiple occasions which we were able to re-invest in the Club for capital improvements.  His support to our operation each and every day allowed the operation to become very efficient as his reporting helped to ensure managers were accountable to meeting or exceeding their budgets.  Jeremy is a tremendous communicator who can be counted on to keep an organization properly informed.  I trust Jeremy as a seasoned accounting professional who also is very strong in the area of human resources.

    Kyle Draper, CCM

    General Manager I Chief Operating Officer
  • Jeremy Hamon has done an exceptional job in managing all of my companies accounting needs.  Prior to outsourcing HFS Accounting Partners, the accounting process was time consuming and cumbersome, which distracted my time from sales and overall customer satisfaction.  Thanks Jeremy, I don’t know how I ever did it without you!

    Tary Campbell

    President of Campbell Landscape Inc.

Partnership Services

Your financial file in QuickBooks (Desktop or Online) is updated on a daily/weekly or monthly basis as we receive information from you via the secured portal by our professional staff.

A complete Month-end package is completed to include all reconciliations for both bank and credit card accounts.

Payroll Processing, Direct Deposit, Payroll Tax Reporting and Filing, W-2's

Detailed Financial Statements will be finalized and delivered no later than the 25th of each month for your review in the secure portal or in person.

Quarterly financial review with the business owner(s) to analyze the profitability and also assist and be proactive in future decision making.

Storage – All Financial documents are stored on our secure portal indefinitely.

Prompt, professional and responsive communication.

24/7 secure direct access to all financial documents.

CPA Partnership

We will work directly with your current CPA and outside Auditors on your behalf and will be happy to give referrals.

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What can HFS Financial Partners do for you?

HFS Financial Partners in Austin, Texas specializes in bookkeeping and consulting for small to medium sized businesses located in the United States. With over 23 years of in depth corporate accounting experience, HFS wants to partner with you and help to grow your business without the headache of you handling all of the administrative paperwork on a daily basis. With our secure and easy to use portal, you will always be able to scan and access all of your financial documents. As a commitment to our partners, we will always provide you with premier service that cannot be found anywhere else. Our rates are always fixed with no long-term commitment as we continue working hard to meet all of your needs and can enjoy a long lasting partnership.


HFS Financial Partners specializes in handling the Administrative functions of your business. We can help you with a wide range of tasks, from basic Bookkeeping and Payroll to detailed Financial Analysis’ of your company to working directly with CPA’s and Auditors